Police are appealing for information about an Oxford student
who was mugged at knifepoint on Friday 26 March. The attack took place after the student had spent a night out
in the city. She was sitting with a friend on a wall in St Giles
when the incident occurred. The hooded male crouched down in
front of her and demanded, “give me your bag and what you
have if you don’t want to get hurt.” He then grabbed
hold of the student’s handbag before running down Woodstock
Road. Chasing the offender, the student shouted that she had been
robbed to members of the public. A man in his fifties with short
curly grey hair joined the chase, and continued to pursue the
mugger after the robbed student had fallen. He finally returned
to the student having been threatened with the knife. The police have decided not to reveal the identity of the
student. They wish to hear from the four members of the public
that the student passed while chasing the mugger. They are also
particularly eager to contact the good samaritan, or anyone who
may know the identity of this man. It is believed that his
evidence could be vital in bringing the offender to justice. Anyone with information should contact the police on 0845 8
505 505.ARCHIVE: 5th week TT 2004