What image are you trying to put across and how would
you describe yourselves?
Whilst we say that we have an
“uncool” style, the uncoolness actually is pretty
natural. Musically, we are into melodic guitar pop music. Not
your ‘arms in the air, getting drunk tra la la’ stuff. Are snowmen always scary? No snowmen are
really cool. Especially the Raymond Briggs, Aled Jones Snowman. I
imagine Raymond Briggs to look like Father Christmas. Where did you find your influences in Southampton? There
is no real music scene in Southampton, and there are many bands
doing all sorts of different things. There also wasn’t much
to do, so we just jam in the garage with a few close friends. We
don’t mix in trendy London circles, and are not influenced
by London. An average night for us would be jamming, and watching
a Dave Lynch film. What is your perspective on London? London is
a con. We did one gig there and never went back until we were
signed. So what films are you watching? City of God.
The whole vests, scruffy jeans, and Bene with his glasses are
really cool. There is an unobtainable coolness about them, the
whole Rio de Janeiro gangster scene, that isn’t like the
American stereotypical stuff – the scruffy gangster look.
Any David Lynch film too; we watch them every night. And what bands are you listening to? Zutons,
Bees, Broadcast, Scalaa Belgium Boy’s choir that sings
covers. I particularly liked Bitch by Meredith Brooks, and
Bittersweet Symphony. How do you find touring? It is absolutely
non-stop. Last year during touring, we only had a few days off at
any one time. Which bands have you recently tried to get tickets
We tried to get tickets to see the Pixies at
Brixton Academy. But, a few weeks ago, they asked us to play with
them. So having had not tickets, we ended up playing with them. So, Prince? Prince is how we all met. We were
the last few dancing to ‘Alphabet Street’ at this club
called Thursdays. Then Aaron joined later. Is music a fair reflection of life? Well it
is for us. We live under a flight path, and that kind of gave us
the inspiration, not only for lyrics and melodies in our songs,
but the inspiration to strive for perfection. What was the influence for the falsetto vocals that
Greg uses?
It’s a style that is a sure fire way of
making sure we are not absorbed into the current scene. The
twinkly bits are very unique. But in terms of style it’s
very much influenced by Radiohead, Muse, Jeff Buckley.ARCHIVE: 6th week TT 2004 

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