Rumours regarding the future of the Radcliffe Camera have recently been circulated in the national press.
There were suggestions that the Lower Reading Room could be turned into a cafeteria, while the Upper Reading Room might be equipped with screens to stream videos of the “Oxford Experience” to tourists.
Ronald Milne, Acting Director of OULS, was not available for comment but in a letter to the Daily Telegraph he said, “No one should give any credence to the suggestions that the University would give up the Radcliffe Camera or change its use to embrace inappropriate multimedia presentations reminiscent of a theme park.”
In another letter to the Times Higher Education Supplement, Milne said the suggestions were “so far from describing the situation accurately that I can only hope it was intended as an April fool”.
Oxford University Library Services denied the rumours. “No decisions have yet been made concerning the future use of the Radcliffe Camera. There are no plans under consideration to turn it into a visitors’ centre.”
Linsey Cole, OUSU Vice President (Access and Academic Affairs) said, “The Radcliffe Camera rumours arose because of plans to move the books to a large warehouse at Osney Mead, where the books can be stored more efficiently.”
A University spokesperson suggested the rumour could have originated from “worried staff who were speculating over the impending library review.”ARCHIVE: 0th week TT 2005