Pegasus Theatre
7 October, 8pmThe Biserk Dance Company makes a welcome return to the Pegasus Theatre on Magdalen Road with Aurora. After their successful 2004 tour entitled One Third of a Picture, the acclaimed choreographer Nickely Burke revisits the group’s unique movement styles in three riveting acts which form the overall programme of the evening.
As is common practice with the group, the first piece, Aurora, takes its inspiration from nature, in this case the flickering lights of the Aurora Borealis. The carving of intricate patterns in space and the emphasis upon the dancers’ feet and hands explores both shifts in dynamics and the strange and changing aspects of human nature. Speakeasy, the second act of the evening, sees a fusion of physical theatre and contemporary drama. One is promised witty interpretations on reality and perception which gradually reveal the hidden stories of the characters.
The third and final instalment, a lyrical duet entitled Blood, Sweat and Tears, has potential to be the pinnacle of the evening’s entertainment. Performed to Spanish classical music, the choreography reflects the passionate relationship of the two protagonists and the tension of their struggle to be together. The nature of their relationship is volatile yet tender. It is this conflict which will be explored through movement on stage, evoking a world where light meets dark and joy meets pain.Chiltern Sculpture Trail
Cowleaze Wood, Oxfordshire
8 OctoberSimilarly inspired by forms in nature is the concept that has emerged over the past two decades of separating art from the gallery. Removing art from the sanctity of the exhibition room may seem foolhardy but therein lays its peculiar appeal: separated from the man-made, the sculptures both mimic nature and yet seem out of place. It is this paradox which will interest and excite many visitors to the Chiltern Sculpture Trail.
Founded with the intention of displaying works not normally associated with the outside, the Chiltern Sculpture trail embraces art from a wide range of styles and media, all contributed by artists from around the country. On 8th October the Chiltern Sculpture Trail will play host to contributing artists Jo Stockham and Rosemarie McGoldrick, who will be discussing their involvement with the Trail. Later in the day, the artist Jacqueline Pearce will be talking about her exciting new commission. It is a must attend event for those with an interest in the shifting nature of contemporary sculpture and its ever-changing relationship with the environment. For those less enraptured with the trappings of modern art, the sedate natural setting of the forest itself will provide ample relief from the hustle and bustle of Oxford life.ARCHIVE: 0th week MT 2005