The Zodiac8 October4/5Non-stop is certainly a word that could be used to describe the lifestyle of this team of four from the Midlands. Having carried out one tour around the country back in late spring, Editors just couldn’t resist the draw of continental festivals and other large-scale events, including Oxfordshire’s very own Truck Festival. Now the touring continues as sales of debut album, The Back Room, are turning heads and stirring up murmurs of interest throughout the indie scene.A drizzly, chilly night saw a capacity crowd huddled inside the questionably moodily lit Zodiac. Although upstairs, make no mistake: this was a big one. Even New York pop punk trio We Are Scientists, the main support act for the evening, have been vying for attention from the media all over Britain in recent weeks. There would certainly appear to be some pent-up energy available for release from them at least. The half an hour we were treated to had fun, jokes and laughter fused with schizophrenic lead guitar, jerky drums and varied bass lines; from reggae styles to high paced funk. One certainly cannot deny their live presence. These boys created the buzz around the venue that everybody had hoped for. Come nine o’clock and all thoughts turned to the four well turned outnear-Brummies that are Editors. Upon their arrival on stage, there was less of a cheer, more of an anxious expectancy. Could they live up to the critical acclaim they have been receiving these last few months after Leeds, Reading and sold out shows thus far? Of course they could. Opening track Lights began with barren looking spotlighting and frontman Tom Smith strumming sullenly, belting his voice out over an echoing Zodiac, perhaps thanks to some aid from a particular soundman. But before the audience had a chance to wipe any welling tears from their eyes, the rhythmic bass of Russell Leetch carried them through to an all crashing, all flashing chorus, containing the beautifully self-deprecating line, “If fortune favours the brave, I am as poor as they come”. Fantastic. The song moved through several moods, speeds and rhythms before finally ringing out and soaking up the crowd’s applause and cheers. This theme continued throughout the night, with each track the boys pulled out of their bag of tricks making the crowd shake, move and bounce that little bit more. Even celebrity visitor, Radio 1’s Edith Bowman, was dancing uncontrollably over in the corner, all eyes on Tom. This man could be the next Chris Martin, attracting a wealth of interest with his spasms of energy: a good contrast with the calm collectedness of bassist Leetch, his distinctive guitar swinging style and limitless passion in his lyrics. Slower keyboard number Camera was a clear enough place to draw parallels, and whilst his lyrics are ambiguous at best, his facial expressions and attention to detail show just how much he cares. The singles Bullets, Blood and Munich allstirred up frenzy as expected, led by a ringing lead from Chris Urbanowicz. The only downside was a relative pit thrashing about in front of the stage.Between set ballad Fall, which ended in an engulfing crescendo, and closing track Fingers in the Factories, Editors proved that they can do all aspects of their genre with aplomb. A night that will leave an impression on Zodiac visitors for some time.ARCHIVE: 1st week MT 2005