A student dressed as an Egyptian mummy was set alight at an LMH Halloween bop
on Saturday night. Teddy Hall postgraduate student Hamish Stewart was set
alight outside the LMH bar in which the bop was taking place. Helene Wilde, a
finalist at LHM who was at the bop said that “at about 12.15 the Head Porter
turned on the lights and announced that a boy had been set on fire outside.” The Porter demanded that the
culprit own up and when no-one did, he declared that “there would be no more
bops for the rest of term.” Wilde added “There was a real atmosphere of shock. Attempts were made to restart the bop but the Porters
shut it down.” One LMH finalist who wished not to be named said “These guys
came to the bop and they just wouldn’t leave.”Thames Valley Police received a
call at five to one on Sunday morning, but the incident was dealt with by the
Head Porter and no police assistance was requested. Hamish Stewart refused to
speculate on the nature of the incident but says he sustained no serious
injuries. He described the injury as “a bit like sunburn, but it was alright in
a day or so” and that now he is “absolutely fine.” JCR president Joe Collenette said
“The Dean has asked me not to comment until
a further investigation has been conducted.” Junior James Panton said that
there is currently “internal discussion” concerning the incident and that the
college “can’t give any comment” until the investigation is complete.ARCHIVE: 4th week MT 2005