Oxford Men 85Cambridge Men 96Oxford Women 92 Cambridge Women 98The Freshers’ individual performances suggested promise for the upcoming year. Oxford dominated the distance events with David Woods and Ian Kimpton making it a one-two in the 800m, before Kimpton went on to convincingly take the 1500m. Richard Franzese left the field trailing in the 3000m race, ably supported by Mike O’Neil in second. A similar picture emerged in the women’s distance competitions, with Rachel Ward dominating the 3000m and 1500m competitions.This year has seen an influx of women sprinters and they did not fail to deliver, with victories for Frances Smithson, Natalie McManus and Caitlin Hanley in the 100m, 200m, and 400m respectively.Unfortunately the male sprinters could not follow their example, failing to register any victories, though Mark Ponsford made up for his disappointment in the sprints by taking victory in the high jump.Oxford showed greater depth in the field than in previous years, with wins for Nathan Fleming in both the javelin and discus. Frances Smithson stormed to victory in the triple and high jumps, and was just pipped in the long jump by team-mate Stephanie Madgett.Ddespite some encouraging performances in Freshers’ Cuppers, Oxford were again left trailing in the first varsity athletics meet of the year. However, the Tabs should not start celebrating a repeat of last year’s overall victory too soon; significantly fewer points separated the teams this time and, bearing in mind Oxford’s record at the main Varsity event, it bodes well for a change in fortune for the Dark Blues.ARCHIVE: 5th week MT 2005