When it comes to OUSU elections, what do we know? Cherwell has a rather regrettable habit of backing the loser on these occasions, and though it would be nice to claim a sympathetic attachment to the underdog, we can only assume that in the past students have not felt compelled to take our predecessors’ advice.And so this time around Cherwell does not presume to back a candidate with any particular vigour. However, we do profess ourselves a little puzzled at the candidature of Mr dale in light of his rather odd approach to the views of others in OUSU’s democratic process. We do at least advise those of an interested bent to inspect the minutes of OUSU meetings over the last year.Nonetheless, despite our professed reluctance to back any particular stance in this election, we are fascinated by the situation in which OUSU finds itself. The degree of apathy with which developments at Bonn Square are received among the student union’s constituent body is frankly remarkable, and while this is in many cases understandable, we struggle to conceive of a circumstance in which it could be described as a happy state of affairs.The blame game is never as much fun as it first appears, but clearly OUSU itself must, fundamentally, foot the bill. Although how it has found itself in such a position of disrespect and ignorance among students of this University is indeed a mystery to us. Apathy, it seems, is rather unhelpfully greeted with apathetic resignation at OUSU towers, and we see little attempt to really attract interest. Yet there is active opposition too: clearly the recent ‘students for students’ referendum is indicative of at least one strand of discontent.As Cherwell reports this week only the post of President, from a total of six positions available, is actually being contested in the upcoming elections – a depressing state of affairs. However, this does not mean there is nothing we can do. Cherwell does not wish to see the essential difficulties which OUSU currently faces unsurmounted, and participation by the student body is the only way in which they can be addressed. even if ithat means voting for ‘RON’, it is difficult to justify no participation whatsoever. We hope that the student body will make its voice heard, and by consequence, whatever the result, keep OUSU relevant.Vote. Even if it must be for the ‘man’ without a plan.  ARCHIVE: 5th week MT 2005