Blue, a
Awarded to those who compete in a first team Varsity match. Only an elite of sports are awarded Full Blue status, the rest are only given Half Blues.

Blues, the
General term referring to a university first team in eligible sports.

For women, a girl who likes a good sportsman on her arm. For men, someone who hangs out with Blues in order to get himself ahead.

Crew Date
Your team goes for a curry or to  hall with a team or boat from another college, preferably of the opposite sex. There are good crew dates and bad, but never sober ones.
Inter-college competition. Winning ensures legendary status, at least until the end of term.

Elmer Cotton
Turl Street-based sports shop. Flash the Bod Card for discounts.

Iffley Road
Site of the university sports centre, rugby, football and hockey pitches, swimming pool and athletics track. Take the third exit at the Plain roundabout as you head towards Cowley.

What you will be forced to go through in order to gain the acceptance of your older, wiser team mates. You’ll enjoy it a whole lot more next year.
Isis, the
River where rowing takes place, found at the bottom of St. Aldate’s. Prone to reaching dangerous levels at even the slightest drop of rain.

Parks, the
Home to the Blues’ cricket and lacrosse sides, as well as a few college teams.

A player obtained from somewhere else (usually Brookes) to compete in a College game. Frowned upon, but rarely reported to the authorities.

Worn everywhere, prized above a first-class degree, obtaining rooms full of the stuff is the single most important thing you can do in your time in Oxford.

Essential and dedicated for Blues teams, optional and ill-attended at college level.

Invitation-only social club for male members of university sides. And Blue-tack, if they’re lucky.