Police are looking to reduce trouble on Halloween this year through a poster campaign.
The plan is to distribute posters to residents saying 'Sorry, no trick or treat here' to dissuade trick-or-treaters from visiting certain houses, allowing residents to avoid disturbance. The scheme is aimed to protect elderly and vulnerable people, making the day safer and fun for all.
Steve Smith, for Thames Valley Police, said "The idea behind the campaign is to make Halloween as enjoyable as possible for those who want to celebrate the occasion.
"We don't want to stop anyone from enjoying themselves, but we do want to try, as far as possible, to reduce incidence of behaviour that may leave people frightened, or which puts people in danger or at a disadvantage."
The posters and flyers can be downloaded from http://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/reduction/saferhomes/safehome/safe6.htm or picked up from your local police station.
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