Council Appeals to General Public for Photographs in Oxford Clean-Up


Oxford City Council has begun an online hall-of-shame for residents to submit their photographs of local graffiti and abandoned cars in the latest effort to clean up the city.Residents are being urged to take digital photographs of the damage, and then post it online, where they will be able to track the progress of the clean-up. Officers for the council believe that, with enough participation, increased awareness and information, the reporting will help them to tackle the clean-ups more efficiently.If the trial is successful, the scope will widen from graffiti and cars to include other issues.The scheme has already been tried in Lewisham, London, where the success of the project has led to three times as much graffiti removed in half the amount of time, moving the council's position from one of the worst in the country to among the best.The scheme will be piloted in Oxford for one month. To send in your photos, e-mail along with the location of the incident and the postcode. For further information, see
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