Oxford Fire Crews were called to Carfax last night after a box of fireworks caught fire.

The incident, which occured at around 2:15am, did not cause any fatalities or injuries. By the time emergency services had arrived at the scene, the fire had already burnt out.

Fire crews reported that it was a quiet evening for Bonfire Night: teams were only called out to one other location in Banbury during the night, which turned out to be a false alarm. Mike Bingham, Fire Risk Manager City of Oxford, said: "The county council's fire and rescue service is very pleased to report that on 5 November it only received two emergency calls that were related to fireworks or bonfires. Both were very minor incidents with no injuries."In an unrelated series of incidents, two cars were set alight in North Oxford on Sunday night.Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Services were called to the scene at 11:15pm, having been alerted to the fires by residents.Both vehicles were extensively damaged. Police are appealing to anyone who may have seen or heard suspicious activity around Woodstock and Banbury Roads, or the canal towpath, between 6pm and midnight.