A controversial study published by scientists at Oxford University has claimed that binge-drinking while pregnant will not harm an unborn child.

The evidence, which contradict earlier studies, states that consistent heavy drinking during pregnancy is more detrimental to the health of the foetus than binge-drinking. Previous research had linked consistently heavy drinking during pregnancy to birth defects, but the effect of binge-drinking was largely unknown until now. Researchers claim that the risk of damage to the foetus is "minimal", with "little substantial evidence" that it could cause miscarriage, stillbirth or abnormal birth-weight, or other adverse effects. The research, which was published by scientists at Oxford University and the University of Aarhus, states: "When pregnant women report isolated episodes of binge-drinking in the absence of a consistently high daily alcohol intake…the evidence of risk seems minimal."Other experts have received the new results cautiously, warning that the only safe advice is to not drink while pregnant.