Oxford pubs are under threat, with as many as one pub closing every eight weeks as a result of the smoking a ban.Since September, both the White House pub in Botley Road and the Marlborough House, at the corner of Western Road, have both closed and with the winter months setting in, it is predicted that the problem will worsen, with smokers reluctant to stand outside to smoke.Tony Goulding, chairman of the Oxford branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) said: "Pubs are closing at an alarming rate and the situation is getting critical. In the old days, people went to the pub and the cinema – those were their main distractions – but people lead such busy lives nowadays and it's hard to get them to come out to community pubs."In Oxford, estimates suggest that trade in pubs has dropped by around 25%. According to the Oxford Mail, there are currently 28 pubs for sale in Oxfordshire, including four within Oxford. John Madden, of the Guild of Master Victuallers, said the problem is worse when considered on a national scale, with as many as two to three pubs closing daily.