Significant drop in burglaries


Thames Valley Police have reported that the number of burglaries across Oxfordshire has dropped by a third.
So far there have been 1,054 burglaries in Oxfordshire compared with 1,548 last year – a drop in 494. The city of Oxford itself has seen the biggest fall – 37 per cent from 799 to 504.
November usually sees an increase in burglaries, thought to be due to the shorter daylight hours and the approach of Christmas, with people keeping presents in their homes.
A spokesperson from Thames Valley Police said that they have been working especially hard to investigate and pursue burglaries, and hoped the downward trend would continue.
Insp Colin Paine, head of priority crime in Oxford, said: "In addition to the normal police business of arresting offenders, the burglary team is going one step further by actively making Oxford an uncomfortable place for burglars to live – conducting home visits, phoning them and even sending them birthday cards to remind them not to offend."
Break-ins fell by a third, but violent crime rose by about 30 per cent. There was also a small rise in assaults.


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