An Oxford MP has spoken up in defence of the Union's decision to keep open its invitation to Nick Griffin and David Irving at the controversial Free Speech debate which takes place later this evening. Dr Evan Harris, who has agreed to take part in the debate tonight, rejected the claims made by Dr Julian Lewis that the debate would give the speakers "an aura of respectability". Speaking earlier on Radio 4's Today Show, Harris claimed that he was making a stand against the "pick and choose mentality" used to support no platform policies, saying that it was reasonable within a university setting to give the speakers an opportunity to speak.Harris described Irving as a "horrible, discredited historian" and both of tonight's controversial speakers as "deeply unpleasant" but raised concerns over where the line would be drawn once platforms start to be denied. He told Radio 4: "I wouldn't be attending tonight if there wasn't this huge campaign for no platform […]"I'm making a stand to say that no platform policies are wrong."