Following a tribunal concerning the result of Michaelmas term's Union elections Krishna Omkar's Presidency was overturned on Sunday night.
In an official statement, the Returning Officer Alex Priest said, 'An election tribunal has found a body of evidence large enough to find Krisha Omkar guilty of breaching rule 33 on electoral malpractice and has therefore disqualified him from this election and all future elections.
'Rule 33 is an important rule which enshrines fairness and equality and ensures a level playing field in the Union’s elections.' The rule is seven pages long and deals with soliciting of votes.
This is only the second time in history that a Presidency has been overturned, and the first time ever that the candidate in question has been banned from running again.
The complaint was filed by Charlotte Fischer, who ran for President against Omkar. The tribunal that hears allegations of electoral malpractice is composed of people who have been Union members for at least six years. Additionally, one tribunal member is always a qualified lawyer.
There will be a re-poll for the position of President at the start of next term. It is being reported that Fischer will not be a candidate in any re-poll that takes place. It is also being reported that there may be an appeal against the tribunal's decision.

A full official report was released yesterday, condemning a 'culture of arrogance' within the Union.