How many members do you have?

About 200.

Who does the OUSC represent and why should we sign up?
The Surf Club’s a great way to meet new people who are already stuck into their surfing or beginners interested in getting into it. We run at least one long-weekend trip a term down to Newquay or Croyde, involving surfing by day and debauched antics by night. We also put on a variety of events in Oxford during term time like our ‘sexy surfer’ themed Christmas curries. Why do you think OUSC is important?
Despite the lack of waves anywhere near Oxford, the Oxford Surf Club’s important in providing people with a chance to get on the water once a term and to provide a good atmosphere for newbies to learn in. Also we’re pretty key players in keeping the clothing producers of Oxford in business with our ’08 stash range now out!
 As a member of OUSC, what has been your most memorable experience so far?
There’ve been lots of great moments – Newquay never fails to show students a good time but attending Thirst in a  wetsuit was certainly my most memorable experience – and not in a good way.
 So what does OUSC have planned for 2008?
We’ve got the BUSA Surf Championships in Newquay coming up towards the end of term and potential plans for a Varsity match to justify our half-Blue status.
 Tell us something you didn’t/couldn't say at Freshers' Fair.
We failed to get much of a presence at Freshers' Fair this year but I would stress to everyone thinking of joining that it’s a good laugh- go for it now while the club’s here to help and remember that sharks are not a problem in Cornwall.
 For more information visit or email by Louise Collins