Underworld is the electronic mastermind duo of Rick Smith and Karl Hyde. 2007 saw them return to the arena of exciting and experimental electronica with the release of their new studio album ‘Oblivion With Bells’, from which ‘Beautiful Burnout’ is the second single to be released. The track is a blend of light beats, sinister but strangely beautiful melodies, and the typically emotive and suggestive lyrics of Karl Hyde. Mark Knight provides a remix of the track: a more charged and heated version, with crescendos which prompt dangerously exciting anticipation and suspension in a more traditional, light electro style. Pig & Dan go on to create a high-pitched trance version that adds even more new elements. Underworld have made their mark once again: traditional yet fresh and innovative, light yet dark and heavy, creepy yet strangely beautiful. ‘Beautiful Burnout’ is the perfect mix of contradictions that will leave any listener intensely addicted. Rick and Karl definitely prove that they are by no means in any Oblivion. Bells? Certainly.


By Catherine Molony