Oriel has launched an investigation following news that the JCR Treasurer revealed the name of a student receiving money through the College Hardship fund.The details, including the name of the person and the amount received, were outlined in a JCR email about accounts sent by Treasurer James Pickering last weekend. The hardship fund is funded by all members of the JCR, which then allocates grants to students who are thought to deserve financial assistance.Pickering said, “What happened was we had a changeover of JCR Treasurer at the end of last term. I was going to distribute the accounts through an email, but before sending the email, I forgot to remove the name of the recipient of the hardship fund. When I released the accounts, the surname of the individual who received money last term was in the accounts. It was the previous Treasurer’s accounts but I mistakenly left the name in.”He added, “Naturally the day that this was released I was alerted to this fact and made an apology to the individual affected. The JCR obviously knows about this, I made an apology about it then and an email will be distributed to the JCR making an apology for this occurrence.”Oriel JCR president, Tom Callard, confirmed that the Dean and Bursar were investigating.Pickering responded, “I haven’t been alerted of this, all that we know is that a previous JCR Treasurer, Cameron Penny, threatened to tell the Dean. The President of the JCR was informed that the Dean would be told but I haven’t been contacted by either him, Mr Penny or the Dean about this. I had a meeting with the Bursar and the Accountant recently and this matter came up. Naturally, I was told to be more careful in future.”One Oriel student, who preferred to remain anonymous, said, “The JCR President seemed to think it was a small error, but if I were one of the people named, I would feel exposed and humiliated. I think they deserve at least an apology, if not to ask for the Treasurer’s resignation.” The Bursar was unavailable for comment.by Katherine Hall
PHOTO: Tom Wild