Mysterious object found in Christ Church’s popular potato croquettes threatens to overturn their current status as one of the more popular carbs on the menu. 
The crisp and crunchy exterior, with the soft, soothing potato inside seems like the perfect recipe.  A student, however, found an unusual surprise lurking at the bottom of her final croquette. 
After much prodding, poking, passing around, and even an attempt to pierce, the stubborn substance stayed resolutely whole and intact. Few were brave to venture a taste of the object, but it has been confirmed by most students that it had a ‘rubbery’ texture, and a yellow-white colour. The catering staff were informed, but seemed rather disinterested, and declined to comment further on the matter.  
After all, it’s not the first time for unusual items to appear in Christ Church food. One student found a small black hair on Wednesday at the bottom of the vegetable selection. Several were also confused by the presence of strawberry jam with Wednesday’s pork chops- surely a poor attempt for a redcurrant jelly substitute? But the matter was quickly resolved when the scones and cream appeared at dessert.  
Nonetheless, students have been urging each other to examine their meals intently in the future. Who knows what might next crop up?by Sam Harding