‘Ready for the Floor’ is the first single from Hot Chip’s forthcoming album ‘Made in the Dark’. The typical fusion of pop, soulful lyrics and a quasi-electro background is displayed once again here. However, the song oozes light, bouncy and wispy sounds, which create a slightly insubstantial feeling. It certainly doesn’t have the same initial fullness and grab that ‘Over and Over’ so successfully achieved.
‘Ready for the Floor’ is a compilation of smooth, repetitive lyrics, retro light electro ‘twiddles’, pop background chords and a gentle beat. An instrumental version on the single adds nothing new, merely removing the best bit: the lyrics. Hardly anything revolutionary or instantaneously exciting, it certainly would not make me jump up ‘ready for the dance floor’.
Nevertheless, listening to the song again and again (perhaps ‘Over and Over’ is a more suitable title here) the fusion of seemingly incompatible, but individually conventional sounds makes you curiously addicted. Initially lacklustre, this song gradually transforms into something quite innovative.
It is difficult to discern what genre Hot Chip really fit into, and once again they have proved their individuality. So does ‘Ready for the Floor’ live up to Hot Chip’s previous success? Yes. But only just.
By Catherine Molony