Kate McGettigan
Oxford University Quiz Society 
Who does OUQS represent and why should we sign up?
We exist to promote and organising academic quizzes in Oxford. You should sign up if you like quizzes, want to practise for your 15 minutes of fame on University Challenge, or just want to show off what a smart arse you are!

Why do you think OUQS is important?
It allows students to stretch their intelligence beyond their subject, and provides healthy competition outside of conventional sports. Also, we’ve never lost a Varsity Match, so we are very good at maintaining the glory of Oxford.

As a member of OUQS, what has been your most memorable experience so far?
Watching our A team beat Cambridge in the Varsity Match was definitely a highlight. I really hope we can do the same this year – I don’t want to be the first captain to lose the trophy.

What does OUQS have planned for 2008?
The Inter-Collegiate Quiz is just beginning, which is the big event for 2008 and takes about three weeks in total. Next term will be the Varsity Match, which is being held in Oxford and will be very exciting for all concerned.

Tell us something you didn’t / couldn’t say at fresher’s fair?
We have Strip Buzzers. We get them out after we’ve had a few drinks.

When do you meet and how can we get involved?
We hold quizzes on an ad hoc basis a couple of times a term – to be added to the mailing list e-mail quiz@herald.ox.ac.uk. Squad Trials are held in Michaelmas of each academic year.
 Interview by Louise Collins