Student residents in Jericho have been battling with rodent problems and have complained of negligent landlords, despite high demand for housing there.One third year student, who preferred to remain anonymous, said, “The rats have been there all year but the landlord has only just come with traps.” Seven students, each paying £330 per month, share the Cardigan Street address with three rats that have apparently been terrorising the flatmate living in the basement, even plaguing his dreams in which he thinks they have bitten him.The housemates initially contacted their landlord and the letting agency Homefinders but discovered that the former was responsible once the contract has been signed.  One housemate said, “He’s been slow throughout the whole thing because he can get away with it.”After delays at the Council, who took two weeks to bring traps that did not work, the housemates resorted to an internet-advertised rat catcher. After being charged £100 and still facing a rodent problem at the end of it, the landlord eventually provided the housemates with working traps. The students, however, were burdened with this bill.The student added, “We may consider not paying next month’s rent.”by Sarah Fleming