Filth bouncers have been accused of violence against students for the second time in two weeks, after a first year Christ Church student claimed he was roughly handled and bruised by security staff.The first incident occured on 8 February. The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims to have attempted to walk straight into the club with a group of friends, at which point a bouncer grabbed him by the neck and pushed him backwards. He was sent to the back of the queue, but on reaching the front he claims to have been assaulted by the bouncer. The student said, “The bouncer grabbed me and then quite deliberately moved his hand to hit me on the cheek.”He claims then to have complained to a second bouncer, who said, “Get out of here you slimy shit.”
The student said, “Maybe I asked for it the first time by attempting to walk straight into the club, but I then queued up, and when I spoke to the bouncer I was completely peaceful.” Although not badly injured, the student suffered light bruising the day after the incident. He chose not to complain to the manager.He admitted that he had been drinking but said, “I was by no means out of control. I had been to a restaurant with a group of friends and so we were all just in high spirits; we were ‘restaurant drunk.’“I think it’s really important that something should be done about this, as bouncers should be protecting people in the club and should not be allowed to abuse students for no reason.”
A week later, on 13 February, another student was involved in a similar incident. The fresher, also from Christ Church, claimed,  “The bouncer told me to leave; he then grabbed me and shoved me out of the club, slamming the door in my face.” The student waited until the end of the night to complain to the manager but says she was denied the chance.Last week Cherwell reported how a first year from Brasenose was left with a bloody nose after allegedly being hit by a bouncer outside Filth.However Stuart Kerley, the owner of Filth, claimed to be “unaware” of the incidents involving Christ Church students.He said, “Normally incidents occur when the students act like dicks; they nick stuff and they repeatedly try to come back into the club after being asked to leave. We are just doing our job in the way that the police and the Council say we should.”He added, “The majority of our clients are students and so it’s in our interests not to piss them off, but a lot of them do need to grow up and realise that just because they are students, this does not give them the right to act however they please.”by Sian Cox-Brooker