2 –’s gay pride advert
3 – Tansey’s M&S advert
4 – If only Cherwell could run headlines like that
5 – Saying the protesters broke a long-standing promise is pushing it a bit considering they had a projectile thrown at them.  Plus Oriel banter – the juice only really comes in the final two paras.
7 – Yawnproctors plus pretty serious story at Anne’s
8 – "people should be working, not watching TV" – quote of the week from Sean McClory, Jesus JCR President, clearly not a fan of popular culture.

9 – As one commenter posted on this site, "That pic looks like one of those dances they used to have on BBC1 before Neighbours."  Something about libertarians, whatever they are, and a woman about to give birth out a window.
10 – Editorials make Aldate ill.  Nice to see that Seddon is *still* pissing people off though.  Was Paton on the OC?
11 – Cartoon, nice idea even if it’s a bit, er, pencilly.  That dude looks radical too.
12 – Media
13 – More media
14 – The Cambridge Union are offering £1,000 to the student who designs the best brand identity for them.  Our Union’s ad would only be worth that to a collector of abstract art.  Just dig out the old ad template.  The Isis ad made Aldate sick up a bit too.

15 – Much better C2 logo.  Could make a crude comment about the page being splattered but this sanctification didn’t come easy.
16-17 – That’s a lot of icing for one page, but good fun.  Cake needed brightening.

18 – Not Bowden’s best, but at least readers care enough to tell him so.  New College’s offering was in fact scanned from a Jack Wills catalogue.
19 – Yet more media
20 – This page should be renamed "Misc"
21 – Would (wear the clothes).
22-23 – Amazing illustration.  Word is the member of staff who recommended Ken’s biography has been fired.
24 – Didn’t know Gap were advertising in Cherwell these days.
25 – Starting to enjoy the Amateur Auteur column.
26 – Still reading this?  All quiet on the thespy front.
27 – Ashley Bond should sell that painting as a poster.
28 – Can you find the joke entry?
29 – Cars to keep the boys happy.
30 – Nice to have pure, un-editorialised interview for once.
31 – Nice hat.
Back – Nice pic.  Aldate looks forward to seeing more obscure sports statistics in the future.

2 – Imagine Tony Blackburn reading that advert out loud.  "Hey there you crrraazy students"…
3 – Bad luck missing Tansey’s cancellation.
4 – Cherwell didn’t cover the students in elections, but probably should have, if only online.
5 – Vaguely interesting and quite interesting.
6-7 – Two more pages of Proctors?  Dizzying design and picture need to be improved if they actually want anyone to read the body copy, but interesting infoboxes, especially last paragraph of "The Proctors’ Year".
8 – Never spotted the "Associate Editors" at the bottom of the staffbox before.  Shouldn’t Cal be doing exams or something?  Or is it a joke position for cake-eating posh boys?
9 – PETA’s spokesman appears to be a floating head.
10 – Let’s hope they paid the News of the World for that picture of Sufiah Yusof.  Nice journohack gossip though, for those who still long incestuous chat after reading this illustrious column.  Aldate will buy the Librarian a pint upon identifying the "graduate photoshopped to child-like proportions".
11 – ?
12 – Say goodbye to happiness
13 – A pixellated monster attempts to devour a budgie.
14-15 – White space can be a good design technique.  Can.  Interesting and coherent copy, the effect of which was pissed on, dried off and then pissed on again by the words "The Oxford Student recognizes that this is an emotive issue."  Surprised they didn’t give the number for Nightline.
16 – We take back earlier comments about Union ad design.  New low.
17 – Aldate was looking forward to reading to this, but the columns are wider than Broad Street.
18 – Glad you enjoyed your holiday
19 – Lolhouse came in for a rough ride over this article , and it was interesting to hear his side.  Scrap Doctor Proctor.
20-22 – Yeah
23 – Ironically, Cherwell editor Billy Kenber is heavily involved in Future Shorts (featured on Saturday).
24-5 – Music
26 – Nice opening.  Don’t get that enough in student papers.
27 – There’s only room for one etcetera in Oxford. 
28 – Film
29 – Patron: The Rt Hon John Prescott MP
30-31 – It’d be nice to have a term where OxStu shoots weren’t done in LMH.  That said, great pics, if a little too dark.  Good effort.
32 – Lucky I rarely make it that far down the page because the printing quality on the last line is consistently pisspoor.
33 – Compare page 29’s half page ad to page 33’s half page ad.  Awkward.
34-back – Crazy selection of sports, which makes a nice change, but will piss off the cricketers no end.
Back – Is that photo caption a design technique or has no-one taught the Stu how to use padding yet?


 Your turn…