I think not. The first typical Oxford Summer’s day was not to be unappreciated. Off to the Turf for a few hours of trying to find a seat outside. In the first 4 hours the infamous pub was open yesterday it turned over approximately £6000 just from drinks. It was crowded with a mix of students, tourists and families basking in the sun. Well, basking in the newly developed cloud actually – we can pretend. The sight of a perfectly formed queue at the bar, despite the barman instructing the punters to all come forward, summed up the English scene. Delightful.

And to round off the day in true Oxford style… I went from one punter to the other kind of punter. A leisurely 2 hours punting down the river with a picnic. It wasn’t quite as relaxing as I had hoped; but I think this says more about my punting that anything else. All that was missing were straw boaters. (A step too far?)

So there you have it. For me, this was the kick start to Trinity term. It perfectly illustrated that we all love to fit the clichés of Oxford. Mock it. Love it. Delightful.