Review: Nim’s Island


Nim’s Island is an adaptation of Wendy Orr’s book of the same title and depicts an exciting episode in the life of a young girl – Nim (Abigail Breslin) – living alone with her widowed, marine biologist father Jack (Gerard Butler), on a remote volcanic island in the south Pacific.

Determined to discover a new protozoan species, Jack sails away for two nights, leaving Nim to read her favourite books based around the adventures of ‘Alex Rover’. Nim envisages her hero as a rugged, burly Scotsman with a beard (also played by Gerard Butler). The truth is far from it – we soon discover that Alex Rover is in fact Alexandra Rover (scarce-bearded Jodie Foster) an agoraphobic author struggling to write her new book.

Nim and Alexandra’s lives become intertwined as Alexandra, seeking inspiration, emails Jack (who luckily enjoys both a Macintosh and good internet connection on his island) for details of the island’s volcano. Yet it’s not Jack that replies, but Nim; injured and having lost contact with her father following a violent storm.

Battling all her fears, the agoraphobe flies all the way to the island accompanied by her imaginary character (portrayed as the other half of her split personality), Alex Rover. With much panicked breathing, Alexandra/Alex reaches the island, conquers her split personality … and somewhat disappoints Nim by not being Mr. Rugged Beard.

The ending is somewhat predictable. Without giving it away, not many single women travel through the island, and so upon Jack’s final and emotional return, he knows that his luck is in when introduced to Alexandra.

This film is hardly one to devote your entire Friday night to. While the filming itself is very good, any viewer should: a) love cute animals, b) have the ability to overlook Jodie Foster being a bit mental, and c) be willing to accept that a pelican can help to repair a boat.

Also, perhaps, d) find a way to mentally regress eight years.

2 stars out of 5


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