Speaking of which, at the back of the room was the real tea. A stall illuminated by fairy lights was selling Scruff’s own brand of tea, along with posters and pictures. It illustrated the very relaxed atmosphere of the gig. This was enhanced by the fact that the audience was not at all frenetic, with plenty of room to dance, wander or just watch. What was most apparent from a scan of the audience was that people had come because they really adore Mr Scruff.   


Mr Scruff played a lengthy gig, from 9 till 2am. At no point however did the set seem monotonous. There was a constant feeling of anticipation and excitement. This was perfectly epitomised as the set ended. Scruff left the stage to a much disappointed audience. A moment’s pause and then "Want more?" flashed up on the screens. Scruff returned for an incredible encore – a remix of Madness’ It Must be Love. To top it all off, Scruff then came down to meet and greet the crowd, despite having played a 5 hour set.


All in all, Mr Scruff serves up the tastiest blend of smooth jazz, crunchy hip hop, and inventive concoctions (and his tea’s not half bad either).