Brasenose drug clampdown warning


All Brasenose students have been sent a letter by the Dean warning them about bad behaviour and drug misuse in college.

In the letter, sent last Wednesday, Dr Giles Wiggs wrote, “It appears that the behaviour of some students in college is falling well short of what is expected and required.”

He added that he has advised the Junior Dean and the Porters to “take a strict zero-tolerance approach to any behaviour that is likely to cause disruption to those taking exams.”

In a move which has worried many students, Dr Wiggs also reminded students of the college drugs policy, referring them to “section G.7 of the Blue Book.”

These regulations set out the disciplinary procedure for dealing with students found to be involved in drugs.

He continued, “any student who misuses classified drugs risks being sent down permanently. Given evidence that has recently been reported to me some students can expect to be called to my office within the next few days to discuss the matter.”

Toby Shergold, a spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said, “Our University liaison officer is speaking to the college authorities about the issues raised. The letter was drawn to our attention and our officers will be getting in touch.”

However, students have expressed concern over the college clamp-down on drugs.

One second year student who wished to remain anonymous said, “Some people are a bit concerned that college will begin looking around rooms as we have heard that that has happened elsewhere.

“It feels as if everyone in Brasenose had become a suspect.”

Another second year student said, “This is an issue for the whole college. I don’t know anyone who’s been called to see the Dean, but I know some people who are worried about this.

“I wouldn’t say that drugs are a big problem in Brasenose, but I’m sure that there are a handful of people involved, but then that’s the same in every college.”

JCR President George Lambert refused to comment on the issue.

Dr Wiggs was unavailable for comment.


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