Six Oxford student societies have made a joint effort to raise relief funds for those affected by the earthquake in China on 12 May.

The Committee will send all donations to help purchase necessary teaching equipment for temporary schools. In the next three to six months they hope to have enough money to contribute towards the rebuilding of a school in Sichuan.

The group, called the Oxford University Sichuan Earthquake Fundraising Committe, comprises: the Oxford Chinese Students and Scholars Association, the Chinese Association, the Asia-Pacific Society, the Chinese Drama Society, ‘Oxbridge China’ and the PPE Society.

Guagua Bo, PPE undergraduate and current President of PPE Society, said, “As with any national disaster we feel very strongly for the people in China. Just looking at the earthquake pictures is very touching, in a time when there is so much hatred this disaster is bringing people together and bringing out their warmth.”

In the last week groups of students have taken to the streets of Oxford to collect money for this cause. Bo said, “We have already raised £15,000 just from street collections. It is nice to see that something like this can bring out a lot of emotions from people. One elderly lady walked past and just dropped £100 into the collection box.”

Charlie Guo, Vice-President of the Asia-Pacific Society, agreed, saying, “It is very touching seeing so much support from people; one guy I distinctly remember, he just took all his notes and coins out of his wallet without hesitation and put it into our donation box. I sincerely thank all that have helped and supported our action.”

Bo added, “Our financial support will never match some of donations from big banks, but we do want to do something concrete to express as much of our effort as possible.

 “We want to set this up as a long running cause and since lots of schools have gone down and lots of peoples academic aspirations have been severely affected, we felt that this would be a suitable way for us to help.”