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Wadham SU to fund house party

Wadham College Student Union has passed a motion to donate £300 to a student house party.

In a controversial decision made at the SU meeting last Sunday, students voted to financially assist the party which will take place later this week. The party will be open to all Wadham students, and will celebrate the birthday of the outgoing SU President, Leonora Sagan.

Those in support of the motion were enthusiastic about the outcome. One student, who wishes to remain anonymous, noted “That this important motion has been successful proves one thing – that Wadhamites are ready to fight for their right to party.”

Nonetheless, while the motion received near unanimous support, some Wadham students are sceptical about the SU’s backing of the party.

A second year Modern Linguist expressed concern about the motives behind the decision, saying, “The money may have come from the Entz fund, but £300 pounds is far too much money to be given to a house party. In any case, the world’s problems are caused by drink and drugs, not solved by them. Friendship and good times are simple and free, and I think we should all sit down on the grass and have some old fashioned fun, like we used to.”

Defending the SU’s support of the party, Sagan stated, “The Student Union is a democratic institution and thus, since the motion was passed in an SU meeting, it is only fair that the Wadhamites receive the money for their party.

“Any members of the student body who are against the donation of money had the opportunity to voice their concerns before the motion went to vote. That the motion was passed almost unanimously reflects the fact that, despite our commitment to a wide range of political issues, Wadham SU still loves a good old rave.”

In accordance with the motion, the party will be advertised on the Wadham students’ mailing list, so that invitations are sent to “even those people who aren’t fortunate enough to be Facebook friends with anyone from the host house.”

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