Cherwell has been contacted by the powers that be at the British Broadcasting Coporation. They asked us to put out this special message about a TV programme they’ll be filming in Oxford this week…

The Beeb have gone and organized an ad hoc debate at the Union. It’s part of a new series they’re making on the theme of ‘confidence’ among professionals. Thing is, they need opinionated student types to fill the debating chamber and put challenging questions to five nurses trying to improve their public speaking skills.

The BBC said, “We are asking them to stand up and explain the confidence issues they have and why they are part of the programme. the audience will then ask them questions and perhaps challenge them depending on what they say.”

And if you attend, you’ll likely appear in the show – especially if you ask a question, we’re told.

Sound like fun? All you have to do to take part is get yourself down to the Union building at 9.45am sharp on Wednesday 1st October. The debate will start at 10am and last about an hour.

Go along for a taste of small screen stardom.