The Guardian media awards nominees are out today and Aldate is pleased to note this website is in the running; clearly the judges have been appreciating the Saint’s ramblings. Fans of Live!, one of the other nominees, better hope the judges don’t read this comment from the Live! editor before they make their final choice: “Shame we’re up against Cherwell – an excellent website, £125k per year turnover and what seems like hundreds of people…” £125k? If only.

Cherwell also got a nod for publication design and pat on the back to ex-OxStu ed Hannah Kuchler – aka. the ginger haired one – who’s up for student reporter of the year.

In the biggest shocker The Oxymoron has been nominated for magazine of the year, despite not actually being a magazine. They beat off competition from (hushed tones) Isis/the Oxford Forum/Bang/every other random Oxford student mag.

Even though Pickles and co. eschewed Aldate’s suggestion to just print on photocopies and staple it Aldate sends our congratulations. They might even be able to print another issue now, word is there have been some quote “funding issues”- namely they have no money. Rumours that the team will be turning up to the ceremony dressed as rape victims are currently unconfirmed.