Local Talent: Alice Doyne


Thursday night at the Turf Tavern, and ‘Open Mic Night’ is in full swing. Among the musical hopefuls, Alice Doyne most definitely stood out. Cheeky and refreshingly down to earth, she plays pretty and unpredictable songs as well as studying history at Regent’s Park.

When I asked her about her music style, she explained to me how difficult it is to pinpoint. After a brief pause she decides that the best description is a mix of acoustic pop, folk and rock.

It is abundantly clear when seeing her live that her music is a melody of moods. Her style is at once serious and passionate when delivering lines about changing the world, before, in the very next song, with a mischievous grin, she will offer the audience the line ‘A cider a day keeps the doctor away.’

She explained to me the effort she expends to ensure her words aren’t the weak link in her repertoire. Her unpretentious approach is simply described as ‘just getting people to listen by playing loud and singing the lyrics to them.’

Clearly the reaction her songs receive is something she’s considering while she performs. And the feedback she was receiving from this pub crowd included many a chuckle and appreciative round of applause at the end of each song. Passionate, witty and just a damn good musician, she’s clearly set to be a force to be reckoned with.


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