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News Meeting, Mondays 2pm, Aldates G&Ds

Content: 10
Friendliness: 10
Career Springboard? 10

Oxford’s oldest and also only independent student newspaper. What it lacks in financial resources, it makes up for in journalistic skill and integrity. Don’ t let the gritty offices put you off: the glorious staff are some of the friendliest, just generally most delightful people you’ll meet in Oxford. An impressive list of alumnae make this the publication to springboard your media career.

The OxStu
Check out the new website:

Content: 3
Friendliness: 2
Career Springboard? 6

The lesser of the two student papers. Backed by OUSU money and situated in the OUSU offices, meaning that essentially they’re little more than OUSU gimps. Someone needs to give the editorial team a Photoshop tutorial and God knows why they didn’t redesign over the summer, but apart from that, could be a half-decent publication. Just never ever mention bloodsports…

The Oxford Forum
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Content: 7
Friendliness: 8
Career Springboard? 6

The Oxford Forum states that it aims to “encourage a vibrant discourse on current affairs issues within Oxford University and the wider Oxford community.” Whilst it is debatable whether the Oxford Forum achieves this, it does fulfil an important role within the Oxford media world. It’s just a shame that the design is so piss-poor that many are put off just by looking at it.

Media Soc
Monday 10th November, 6pm, The Union, Vaughan Smith.

Content: 8
Friendliness: 8
Career Springboard? 7

Media soc has been fairly stagnant for the past few terms, but with new dedicated journo-hack presidents, it has become a must for aspiring journalists. Their impressive term card boasts speakers from all areas of journalism as well as CV building workshops. Although it isn’t actually a publication, meaning that it’s mainly full of ex- editors feeling nostalgic for their times at Cherwell or the Ox Stu…

The Gateway
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Content: 3
Friendliness: 4
Career Springboard? 6

The Gateway is the only business and finance newspaper for students, but it is yet to be discovered if there is a student in Oxford who actually reads it. If the orange paper and small font isn’t enough to put you off, then the fact that it’s written and edited almost entirely by economists should be. It’s produced in London, so there’s limited opportunity for students to get involved, but those budding journo-economists shouldn’t let that put them off…

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Content: 8
Friendliness: 8
Career Springboard? 3

Etcetera is Cherwell’s literary supplement and is even more pretentious than Isis. Most of the contributors are pretty impressive student poets, but they’re far too arty for their own good. The illustrations are known for being one of the best features of Etcetera and their website allows anyone to upload their material at any time.

The Oxymoron
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Content: 8
Friendliness: 8
Career Springboard? 4

Oxymoron is one of the two satirical publications in Oxford. Don’t let the shit name put you off, it’s actually infinitely funnier than its rival. Their contributors regard themselves as incredibly amusing, but the sad thing is that most of them work for either Cherwell or Oxstu as well. Nominated for best magazine at the Guardian student media awards.


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Content: 8
Friendliness: 9
Career Springboard? 7

Established in 1876, Isis is something of an Oxford institution. It is wonderfully pretentious and tries desperately hard to be edgy. But with Isis now back to being published only once a term, it’s at its best once more. Isis is notable for cutting edge fashion shoots and enthusiastic creative team so if you’re more interested in creative journalism than run of the mill news, it could be the place for you.



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