OUSU have had to delay their Presidential Election by one week because a candidate’s manifesto wasn’t published.

OUSU’s Returning Officer, Madeline Stanley, confirmed that the election has been delayed because John Maher’s manifesto wasn’t printed in the official election booklet.

The booklet itself, which was published inside copies of The Oxford Student on Thursday, has been recalled by OUSU.

Stanley refused to comment further on the matter, but said she would be giving more details about what has happened after the weekend.

Given stipulations in the OUSU election rule-book, the four presidential candidates are unable to comment on the situation. However, a number of students have expressed surprise and disappointment on hearing news of the delay.

Nick Coxon, a second-year PPEist commented, “That the elections have been postponed is a regrettable development. The guys at OUSU must be furious — and quite rightly.”

Another second-year student, who wished to remain anonymous, added, “I’m incredulous that the elections are being delayed a whole week, especially after all the hard work everyone’s put in.

“It’s going to be massively inconvenient for all the candidates and officials, and even for voters.

“This could reverse the turnout gains they expected from online voting, and it’ll probably change the results too – some candidates are going to suffer from this more than others.”

Lewis Iwu, current President of the Students’ Union, declined to comment on the matter.