Brasenose College has reversed their decision to put finalists at the bottom of the room ballot for next year.

This turnaround follows an outcry from Brasenose students over the possibility that they would have to find new accommodation at such short notice. 

Students were informed just last week that those entering fourth and fifth year would be moved to the bottom of the ballot but Brasenose have now decided that the current freshers will remain at the bottom of the room ballot for this year only.

But this week, Brasenose students received an email from the Domestic Bursar this week saying that, as “fourth year students did not have reasonable notice of this policy”, the room ballot would not change this year. 

One student said, “I don’t think it is a particularly good idea in the first place, but the fact they’ve changed it to next year is good.

“It would have been really unfair for next year’s fourth years to find accommodation at such short notice.” 

From next year students who wish to have guaranteed accommodation for their fourth year are being encouraged by Brasenose to opt to live out in their third year. 

However, students are still not completely happy about the decision. Despite the fact that Brasenose only guarantees three years on-site accommodation, one student claimed, “One of the reasons I applied to Brasenose was because I thought I could live in the whole time, and definitely in my final year.” 

The student community has also been angered by the fact that this decision went ahead without their involvement or any warning. 

Another student said, “I think issues like this should involve the JCR.” 

First years will find themselves at the bottom of the ballot this year, but next year fourth years will find themselves faced with the possibility of living out or in the worst rooms in college. 

“It’s ridiculous,” one student fumed, “why should second years have priority over finalists?”

One second year said, “I have a feeling there might not be enough rooms for future 2nd years now, as they’ve been dumped at the very bottom.. which is probably more unfair as now they won’t be guaranteed accomodation, which they were promised.”

“There’s going to be a lot of complaints in the next few days because of this.”

While students have raised concerns, the Domestic Bursar told the JCR in her email, “in recent years everyone who has wanted a room in College or the Frewin Annex has eventually got one”

But the college has admitted that this process could take weeks or even months.