Into OK, so I said I’d give you a useful party mix, but then at a stroke I’d run all DJs out of a job – anyone read Jack Marley-Payne’s brilliant critique in, ahem, Isis? – and also it didn’t seem conducive to picking the best track, only the most danceable. So instead you get a wonderfully subjective but incredibly high-quality UK top 40 of the year, giving you the best songs to come out this year. I must make it plain that I love ALL of these songs. It’s been a good year.

40 Laura Marling Tap At My Window She may be annoyingly young, but this is a lilting, seductive melody to dream to

39 Lykke LiI’m Good I’m Gone Hipster fave; strong Scandi pop

38 Howling Bells – Into The Chaos Widescreen taster for a highly anticipated second album

37 Gnarls BarkleyWho’s Gonna Save My Soul? You are, you visionary if uncharacteristically morose pop gods!

36 Antony & The Johnsons – Crackagen Songwriting hasn’t been this elegant and poignant in 60 years

35 The Mummers –  Nightbus A swoonsome ballad from their lush orchestral debut. But no hyperlink going…

34 Hot Chip One Pure Thought Their genius is to inject real sensitivity into their tunes, like the tremulous poppy that lies behind every shot of heroin…sorry…

33 Amadou & Mariam – Sabali They now have Damon Albarn producing them, which is maybe why this could be a huge alt. disco hit

32 Yeti Midnight Flight The ex-Libs bassist normally turns out cheery Beatles-lite, but this darkjazzmurdertune about a serial psycho is awesome

31 Natty Cold Town An excellent year for the reggae upstart, first caught supporting Mr Hudson in Oxford; intelligent lyrics and a banging chorus

There’s the first instalment. Tomorrow; 30-21. Anticipate the choices if you will, offer alternatives, otherwise get on limewire (or itunes if you’re legit) and make with the good music…