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Sbragia gets the Sunderland job

Ricky Sbragia’s done ok so far – although wins against West Brom and Hull, with the squad Sunderland have aren’t huge achievements – but he is a surprise pick for the full time job.

Given the recent record of Assisstants given the top job, would Big Niall have been smarter looking to the lower leagues?

Here are the most recent internal promotions to the manager’s job, as far as I can remember.

Sammy Lee – 14 games, 3 wins at Bolton.

Chris Hutchings – 12 games, 1 win at Wigan.

Les Reed – 7 games, 1 win at Charlton.

Tony Adams (not sacked yet) – 14 games, 4 wins at Pompey.

It’s no wonder the Glazers let Quieroz take the Portugal job.

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