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A sense of perspective, please?

So Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was arrested after a disturbance. The average football fan and media pundit has expressed shock that a professional footballer could (allegedly) be involved in a fracas in a nightclub. A fracas which is witnessed on every other night in every other city.

Naturally, the good old British press have reeled off incidents, locations and names as if they were playing a game of Cluedo. The biggest debate in newsrooms across the city last night was whether Berbatov or Gerrard’s strike dominated this morning’s back pages.

But I think a sense of perspective is badly needed from the media. I’m not condoning Gerrard’s alleged actions, but surely this festive arrest should be dominating the newspapers.

Jordan Robertson has been released on police bail after being questioned, according to the BBC. The alleged crime in question is much more severe than the aforementioned Gerrard case, yet many portions of the media seem to have neglected this in pursual of a flashbulb upon Gerrard’s furrowed brow.

In a sport where top stars earn almost £200,000 a week, perspective is always needed. When it comes to a matter of life or death, it is essential – and the media have an important role in gaining that perspective.

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