…has started well for Tottenham. It was a bad last month of 2008 which ended with a worrying string of results and performances that reminded Tottenham fans of the chaos and lack of direction that was so prominent in the Ramos-era.

We looked one-dimensional against Fulham, with a forlorn and desperate Darrem Bent up-front on his own, unable to win anything in the air, or in the channels and Luka Modric trying his hardest floating behind. ‘Arry’s decision to base Tottenham’s whole attacking play through the undoubted talent of Modric was becoming stale and obvious. We lacked any penetration or subtlety, with Lennon the only player to really cause any problems.

Yet, in the funny way football works, it was the rather unlucky sending off of Bene Assou-Ekotto against West Brom which might change the future direction for ‘Arry and Tottenham. That dismissal forced his hand, and Modric began to play as a central midfielder in a four, rather than the free man of a five. He apparently showed enough then to convince ‘Arry to play him there permanently, allowing two traditional strikers to start upfront. Against Wigan, this worked much better, with Pavleychenko looking pacey, strong and clinical.

The prospect of Jermaine Defoe making a triumphant return and partnering the Russian looks mouth-watering. If Modric continues to prove his worth in the midfield battle that is Premiership Football, and ‘Arry gets a left footed winger (Downing – a real dynamic force in the Premiership who constantly gets abuse from fans who underrate him because of a few poor performances for England. His play on the left, the right and in the middle for Boro have been fantastic at times in the last few seasons) in January, the future will look very bright indeed.

As for Jack PB’s blog on Arry’s transfer business – perhaps we should applaud the east end genius for being honest. Spurs make an approach for Defoe, ‘Arry says he likes Defoe but doesn’t know if a deal will be done…seems fair enough to me. Perhaps City fans should worry a bit more about spending 12 million on a left back who obviously isn’t that keen on first team football, after spending several years happy to play the odd cup tie. Let this be the first of many gold-diggers city spend over the odds for…

Match report for Tottenham V Wigan