This is going to be a running feature this term – the creation of the Saturday 12:45 World XI.

We’ll focus on a different position each week, starting with goalkeepers in 0th week and finishing with centre forwards in 7th week.  The team will be playing 4-3-3, largely to avoid any wranglings over where Lionel Messi plays in a 4-4-2.  We’ll do left backs in 1st week, right backs in 2nd week, and both centre halves in 3rd week.  All three central midfielders will be selected in 4th week, before the inevitable Ronaldo and Messi processions in 5th and 6th weeks respectively.

It’s going to be based on general levels of performance in the last year or so, because arguments over ‘the best player in the world at this precise moment‘ are famously difficult to solve.  So Ashley Young or Marouane Fellaini fans had better get ready for disappointment.

I’ll start with my goalkeeper choice soon.