Surely by now, ‘Omkar rails against Union’ isn’t any basis for a front page. Cherwell relegates it to gossip – perhaps going too far, but then who am I to judge? Even the librarian agrees, mocking Omkar for ranting incoherently. Presumably that was the ranting he did right down the phone to Oxstu.

The rest of the Stu’s news is standard fare. Good piece on ‘brain drain’.

Cherwell, instead of relying on facebook notes for their front page, found a story by the time-honoured tough journalistic technique of, erm, knowing someone at Brasenose.

Interesting stuff on credit crunch, exam disparities, good goss on Merton interviews.

Does ‘Union good at debating’ really deserve a half page?
Also…”The shared student house of Nouri Verghese, the Oxford Union’s treasurer elect…” I’m going to say this once, and say it clearly, so there are no mistakes for the rest of the term. UNION OFFICERS ARE NOT CELEBRITIES. DO NOT INFLATE THEIR EGOS BY TREATING THEM AS SUCH. Nevertheless, Cherwell treats us to this exclusive nugget of gossip – apparently Verghese was “feeling pretty pissed off”. wow.

Cherwell in proper interesting feature shocker! People climbing the Rad Cam! I actually do want to know more. Meanwhile we get worthy but dull genocide stuff from their rival, as well as a half-baked ‘I went to Paris, read some nice books’ piece. Also, someone went to Washington.

Cherwell, to prove it can do worthy-dull, has a piece on immigration interviewing an ‘expert’ that is … wait for it… a Jesus D. Phil student.
Then again, Daniel Craig! Alan Davies! Even I, who exist on a saintly plane above all celebrity culture, has heard of these men. Oxstu? Whaddayagot? Hmmm? Oh, the editor of Cosmo. No, I’ll read that again, the FEATURES editor. Not even the top hack, and all we get is a blatant ad for Cosmo. I hear if you buy it, you get an instant orgasm.

Librarian? WTF? 4 stories for a whole page. Used to be much better than Evelyn, now Johnny has taken the crown. Admittedly old Union news, but neater and with pictures.

Cherwell needs to stop putting the faces of their staff in the paper. Noone wants to look at that.
Thespionage will be about plays. Yawn.
Cherwell’s fashion is grainy, Oxstu’s is pretty, but has sacrificed style for substance. The clothes look good, any clue where I might buy them? No? Whatever.

Yeh. People kicked balls.

No re-design for either paper. Cherwell remains the tidier. There’s funny fonts and stray lines going on in the Oxstu, especially the back end of the paper. No doubt will improve in time as people get used to that tricky software.


First Round goes to the red top, Oxstu needs to come out fighting.

The Saint x