So these Cherwell ‘spotlight’ interviews look like they might become a regular feature. The Josh one was brilliant, but Iwu says nothing of real interest. Who next? Perhaps Lawsoc pres: “we aren’t all corporate whores,” or the Union treasurer: “I’m great at getting money” oh wait…

That aside, Cherwell’s news section was solid and felt substantial. The only duff piece was on welfare provisions. That story gets run every term, never with any new information or hard stats. Oxstu’s news, while not bad, was neither ground-breaking or plentiful. Dull piece about John Denham. The “credit crunch” survey was a good idea, but failed to yield any actually interesting results. Nice pie charts though – how about transferring the design to the rest of the paper?

Oxstu had an odd debate over whether the Union need more scandal. Read: we could do with some more news please. Cherwell didn’t fare much better, giving unwarranted space to Jamie Fox.

Meryl Streep: kudos. Much better written than last week’s as well. The standard Campsfield House feature made another appearance – this time in the red top. Features writers get far too over-exicited when they realise there’s a detention centre within bus-riding distance. Oxstu’s living on a pound feature was nicely done, but the piece on interviews was a wasted opportunity. If the paper really did survey 100 interviewees, where were the stats and interesting feedback?

Oxstu’s fashion has generally been quite good this term, but this week seemed to get all confused with the re-sizing button. Cherwell’s clothes continued to disappoint – blonde girls in flowery dresses aren’t exactly a new edgy trend. 

Apart from Oxstu failing to compete on design, the two papers are neck-and-neck.