A motion of No Confidence in Teddy Hall’s bursar was passed unanimously by the college’s JCR last Sunday.

The No Confidence vote passed following the amendment of a motion expressing general dissatisfaction of the JCR with the behaviour of the bursar Ernest Parkin.

The original motion criticised the policy of fining £20 on those not booking vacation accommodation by 5th week. When challenged by the JCR that this action was unjustified, the bursar claimed it was in the Teddy Hall rule book, which was later found out not to be the case. The bursar has since apologised.

The motion was described to be about “bursarial actions and attitudes, which have been in many ways disrespectful and secretive.”

Many students expressed feelings of resentment towards the bursar. Mark Mills, first year Teddy Hall student commented, “The motion passed nem com with no people against, so dissatisfaction was a reasonably held view.”

Julius Hugelshofer, a second year Philosophy, Politics and Economics student added, “There has been a feeling of unfair treatment on the side by the bursar and the staff. The motion was a spontaneous idea.

“The Bursar is part of the members of staff who are not very cooperative. He enjoys making life hard for us,” he added.

Charlotte Seymour, JCR president stated that significant progress has been made in rent accommodations, but a lot of hostility remains on both sides.

She said, “People were frustrated at feeling powerless in the face of these fines, particularly in having to deal with this sort of problem during finals.

Accommodation issues have been particularly difficult and arisen in the past, especially for some of the third- and fourth-years who have been there longer.”

The JCR President met Parkin on Wednesday to convey the JCR’s decision.

Some JCR committee members have suggested that the motion will not be effective. Environment and Ethics Officer Daniel Lowe said, “Given that we cannot force the resi

gnation of the Bursar, a motion of No Confidence will only serve to antagonise and it is my belief that it would be detrimental to future negotiations.” 

“However, I do strongly believe that something needed to be done, that our views needed to be represented, only in a more productive fashion.”

Parkin refused to comment on the situation.