Cambridge University is now in proud possession of its first online tabloid, The Tab.

Taymoor Atighetchi, one of the paper’s founders, described the paper as an antidote to “a particularly conservative and dry Varsity.”

The Tab is not without its critics. The weekly feature ‘Tab Totty’ has attracted the anger of the CUSU’s Women’s Union, which launched a campaign to have the paper closed down.

Despite this, The Tab website is proving to be massively popular. It received 88,000 hits in its first week.

According to Atighetchi, Varsity, the independent Cambridge student newspaper, is losing readers to this new rival. He commented, “Colleges are complaining that not enough people are taking the newspaper from porters lodges leaving thousands of copies left for the bins.”

Launched on May Day, the Tab is still in its infancy, but its light-hearted and more comic take on the news seems to be providing a welcome service for Cambridge students.