“Open Mic Night” – what kind of image does that draw in your mind; an empty bar, withering under the monotonously atonal singing of a spotty teenager clutching a hand-me down guitar? I should know; I was that teenager. But I think now is the time for a rebirth of the Open Mic Night, a place where anyone with a dream and some guts can take to the stage and show of their talents, large or small in front of a open minded and appreciative audience.

This was very much the vibe of the Magdalen Open Mic night on the evening of Saturday 25th October. The bar was busy but not jostling, people sat, drank and laughed, pausing only to listen as each performer took their place in front of the microphone. It was a warm atmosphere and people seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves, their applause accompanied by whoops and cheers.

I cannot stress enough the quality of the performers that turned up. From a pair that had reputedly won a talent competition and had the lungs to boast of it, to a guy who turned up with what appeared to be a magic box with lights that was actually an unusual MIDI sequencer (for those in the know) and entertained the crowd with some electronic mixes. I enjoyed every act and ultimately that’s what its all about; for the performers, a chance to try out their material on a friendly crowd and for the rest of us, a relaxing night to enjoy a drink, and to listen to some truly talented people. I know I’ll be coming back to the Magdalen Open Mic night and that has nothing to do with the fact that I’m from Magdalen.