Staircase 22 – The Season Finale

Will Anoton really go through with his dastardly plan? Will Eleanor save the animals? Will Ralph get laid? Will Kati find a man worthy of her affections? Will Sarah finally get the ultimate story? Will Paul actually manage to read Horace over Christmas?

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Ruari Craig-Wood as Anton
Mohit Dalwadi as Ralph
Lucy Fyffe as Eleanor
David Harvey as Paul
Eleanor Lischka as Kati
Agnes Meath-Baker as Sarah


Alice Fletcher and Charlotte Roberts

Music recorded by: Sean McMahon, James Harding

Created by: Tom Clucas, James Harding, Leonore Schick and Selena Wisnom
Writers: Tom Clucas, James Harding, Valentine Kozin, Alexandra Nachescu, Leonore Schick and Selena Wisnom
With thanks to: Annakatherin Meiburg, Jenny Rossdale and John Starr

Sound Manager: Caroline McLean
Produced by: James Harding and Selena Wisnom