And another year has flown by. Cherwell has decided to reflect on the passing of the year 2009 in our one and only end-of-the-year quiz. It’s simple: the quiz has five sections, each section has five questions. When you’ve answered them all, send your answers to by 7th of January 2010. From all the correct entries we will draw the winner, who will be able to place a picture of his or her choice in the paper.

Good luck!

1. Taking place in January, how long did the Oxford students’ occupation of the Clarendon building last and how many protesters were there?

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2. Which OUSU elections candidate was
(a) fined for the fact that his girlfriend had advertised his candidacy on her Facebook status
(b) “incredibly shocked that he managed to win” despite never running in a contested election before?

3. Where and when did the members of Oxford University Conservative Society tell the inappropriate jokes that caused nationwide controversy?

4. As part of smear campaign against Derek Walcott’s candidacy for Oxford Professor of Poetry, excerpts from a book were sent out to various Oxford academics. Name the book.

5. In Michaelmas, Magdalen JCR adopted the name of Gryffindor. Which college JCRs were encouraged to take on the other three Hogwarts names?

1. Name the themes of fashion shows that were part of Oxford Fashion Week 2009.

2. One Oxford ball had seen their main act, Mystery Jets, pull out 36 hours before the event only to be replaced by another disco performer. Name the Ball and the singer who took the place of the Mystery Jets.

3. Which two Oxford events/clubbing companies joined at the beginning of this academic year to become one?

4. This year saw many of Oxford’s restaurants and bars closing or being taken into administration. Name three.

5. What is the word of the year 2009 according to New Oxford American Dictionary?


1. Which cultural spot in Oxford was described by the Guardian as a “temple of space and light”?

2. Who chose the final four winners in this year’s OUDS New Writing Festival?

3. Name the film which
(a) won the 2009 Palm D’Or at Cannes
(b) Has a character saying, “You probably heard we ain’t in the prisoner-takin’ business; we in the killin’ Nazi business. And cousin, Business is a-boomin’.”
(c) stars an actor named Taylor who’s going out with a singer named Taylor

4. What is the former occupation of Natasha Khan, the lead singer of Bat for Lashes?

5. What is the name of the book that rocketed in the charts after Tiger Woods’ crash? The book has jumped 393956 spaces on the chart.

1. Which Labour politician described Tony Blair as being “so far up the fundament of Bush, only the soles of his feet were visible”?

2. Who was named the first EU president?

3. Which former bank chief had the full sum of his pension declared as unacceptable in “the court of public opinion” by Harriet Harman, and what was the pension figure?

4. Name the four other panel members alongside Nick Griffin and David Dimbleby in the episode that saw the BNP’s first appearance on Question Time?

5. How many states/districts voted for Obama in the American Presidential elections?

1. Which college burnt its boat last Trinity, and why?

2. Which college won the Football cuppers last year?

3. How many years ago, and where, did Oxford alumnus Sir Roger Bannister run the first four-minute mile?

4. Name two Ballroom and two Latin dances that Dancesport beginners compete in.

5. In 2009, how much time did it take the Oxford team to complete the Boat Race and how did their score compare to Cambridge’s?